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Maker of the finest organic
Japanese-style pasta in North America

SOBAYA is a Canadian company located in Cowansville,Québec. The inspirational SOBAYA story started in 1983 when Jacques Petit,a teacher of physical education and Zen meditation,visited Japan to study with the Masters. While there,he discovered the joy of eating fresh,hand-made soba noodles every day. In 1985,Jacques traveled again to Japan,but this time for the study of soba. Apprentice in a traditional Japanese noodle shop or "sobaya",in the heart of Tokyo,he learned the art of making soba and udon. Returning to Montreal,he started his own pasta company,which he named SOBAYA in recognition of the Japanese tradition. Now,SOBAYA produces some of the finest Japanese-style pasta made anywhere in the world.

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Where to find our products? -In natural food stores and certain supermarkets. Request our products by name and the buyer should be able to order them from our distributor for you.


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