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Organic Pasta*


Maker of the finest organic
Japanese-style pasta
in North America


Soba is the Japanese name for these delicious noodles made from organic wheat and buckwheat. This combination of cereals yields a higher rate of vegetable protein than their separate use. Buckwheat contains rutin, a vitamin known for its beneficial effect on blood vessels.
Ingredients :
Sifted organic wheat flour, organic buckwheat flour, sea salt.
Serve hot or cold
Nutrition facts

Organic wheat noodles. For better flavor and food value, only the best flours are used and our manufacturing process allows us to retain more naturals fibers.
Ingredients : Organic whole wheat flour, sifted organic wheat flour, sea salt.
Serve hot or cold.
Nutrition facts


CERTIFIED ORGANIC WHOLE GRAINS - grown without synthetic chemicals.
STONE GROUND FLOURS - cold-milled, to preserve nutrients.
ROLL-AND-CUT - prepared following a Japanese process that allows more fiber content.
AIR-DRIED - to protect the freshly made flavor and texture.
FRESHLY MADE - to order, so it always tastes fresh.


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